Algosim documentation: Scene viewer

Scene viewer

(See also: Diagram viewer)

The scene viewer displays scenes with visual objects. Several scene viewers can be present at the same time: One scene can be docked in the main IDE’s Imaging panel and any number of scenes can be present as freely floating windows.

Image 1

Each scene viewer displays a scene containing any number of visual objects which can individually be adjusted. The context menu of the scene viewer contains a few options to manage the scene:

Image 2

These are

Settings displays the Settings dialog box:

Image 3

Here you can adjust each visual object in the scene.

Mouse interface

Keyboard interface

Scene viewer

Shortcut Description
Arrow keys Rotates the view about the origin
+︎ Zooms in
Shift++ Zooms in (high precision)
Ctrl++ Zooms in (large step)
−︎ Zooms out
Shift+− Zooms out (high precision)
Ctrl+− Zooms out (large step)
Ctrl+A Shows or hides the axes
Ctrl+C Copies the scene to clipboard
Ctrl+S Saves the scene to an image file

Floating scene window

Shortcut Description
S Opens the Size dialog


You may force a scene to repaint by right-clicking it.

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