Algosim documentation: Window manager

Window manager

The Window manager is a form that lists all windows currently available in the Algosim front end.

It can be accessed using the Algosim menu or Shift+F6.

Image 1

The currently active window is indicated by a triangle at the right.

Double-clicking a window will take you to it. You may also select any number of windows and choose Close from the context menu to close these; if the windows are diagram or scene viewers, they will be hidden, but not discarded. Alternatively, you may select any number of windows and choose Discard from the context menu: this will delete the windows and permanently discard any diagrams or scenes they contain.

By clicking the columns, you can sort on either the name or the window type. For instance, this can be used to easily close all windows of a particular kind (e.g. diagram viewers).

The list always contains all floating named diagrams and scenes, even when they are not currently visible. Thus, you can use this window to open such hidden diagrams or scenes.