Algosim documentation: String functions

String functions

The following kernel functions are used with strings:

add Caesar card
cardinality characters chr
ChrBlock ChrBlockRange ChrBlocks
ChrIsASCII ChrIsControl ChrIsDigit
ChrIsLetter ChrIsLetterOrDigit ChrIsLowerCase
ChrIsNumber ChrIsPunctuation ChrIsSeparator
ChrIsSymbol ChrIsUpperCase ChrIsWhitespace
ChrName ChrNumVal CompareString
first ForEach format
InvertCase join last
length LowerCase multiply
ord part range
reverse rot13 SentenceCase
shuffle split StringContains
StringCount StringIndices StringPad
StringPos StringReplace TitleCase
trim TrimLeft TrimRight
UpperCase VigenèreDecode VigenèreEncode
words WordWrap