Algosim documentation: RemoveVisual


Removes a visual object from a diagram, or removes a diagram from the front end.



RemoveVisual(r) removes the visual object – either a diagram or a part of a diagram – referred to by r.

If r is a part of a diagram, it is removed from it. If r is a diagram, it is removed from the front end along with all of its parts.

If r isn’t a valid reference (for instance, if the object it used to referred to has been removed), nothing happens.

RemoveVisual(r) returns null.


trig ≔ diagram("trig");
s ≔ plot(y = sin(x));
c ≔ plot(y = cos(x));
at ≔ plot(y = arctan(x));
AdjustVisual(trig.view, "ymin": −2, "ymax": +2)

Image 1


Image 2

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