Algosim documentation: General functions

General functions

The following kernel functions are used with objects of various types.

accumulate AccumulateList AccumulateSteps
add append apply
ApplyIf BinaryData boolean
card cardinality catenate
col cols CompareValue
ComplexMatrix ComplexNumber ComplexVector
compute concat concatenate
contains count CustomSort
divide equals ExampleData
exists ExistsUnique ExtendWith
filter first ForAll
ForEach frequencies GroupBy
identity index indices
insert integer IsCol
IsRow IsSquare last
length MatFromBlocks MatFromCols
MatFromRows matrix multiply
negative NotEquals number
numbers part pick
PickRecursive random randomize
range RealMatrix RealNumber
RealVector remove RemoveAdjacentDuplicates
RemoveAll RemoveDuplicates RemoveIf
ReplaceAll ReplaceEvery ReplaceIf
rest reverse RotLeft
RotRight row rows
SameValue shuffle sort
SortBy string subscript
subtract swap ToList
ToSet ToTable truncate
unique VarAppend VarExtendWith
VarInsert VarRemove VarSwap
VarTruncate vector