Algosim documentation: Documentation browser

Documentation browser

The Algosim documentation browser is used to display the Algosim documentation. All documentation files are locally available, without a WWW connection.

Image 1

By pressing F1 you open the documentation for the symbol that is currently found at the caret or keyboard focus. For instance, if the caret is found in the console at si|n, the help topic for “sin” will be opened. Or, if the "π" row in the Identifiers panel has focus, the help topic for “π” will be opened.

You can also press F1 on a particular row in the Tab-key identifier search window.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Alt+H Displays a list of previously displayed pages
Alt+O Goes to the documentation’s start page
Alt+I Displays the documentation index
Alt+S Displays the documentation search panel
Alt+G Opens the index panel and sets focus to its
filter box, so you can go to a particular
topic by typing its name or part of it
Ctrl+F Searches for text on the current page
Alt+Left Back in history
Alt+Right Forward in history
Alt+Home Goes to the documentation’s start page
Ctrl+W Closes the window
Ctrl+U Displays the source code of the current page

Go to

To quickly go to a particular topic from within the help browser, press Alt+G.

This will open the Index panel and set focus to its filter control.

Image 2

By typing here, you filter the index list.

Image 3

By pressing Enter, you go to the topic named exactly as the typed filter, if any. The index panel is closed if it wasn’t opened before and focus is moved to the main text.

Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to navigate the filtered list of topic and then press Enter on the selected item.