Algosim documentation: BlendModes


Returns a list with all supported blend modes.



ToTable(group(sort(BlendModes()), 4))
Add            And               Average                     Blue
Burn           Cosine            Cyan                        Darken
Dissolve       Distance          Dodge                       Exclusion
Freeze         Geometric mean    Green                       Hard light
Harmonic mean  Hue               Increased subtract          Inverse dodge
Inverse burn   Inverse freeze    Inverse increased subtract  Inverse reflect
Inverse Stamp  Inverse subtract  Lighten                     Lightness
Magenta        Multiply          Negation                    Normal
Or             Overlay           Partial dissolve            Red
Reduced add    Reflect           Saturation                  Screen
Soft light     Stamp             Subtract                    Value
Xor            Yellow

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