Algosim documentation: superpose


Superposes two sounds, so that they are played simultaneously.



superpose(s1, s2, t, α1, α2) returns a sound with s1 and s2 superposed. Specifically, it returns a copy of s1 with s2 starting at time t in s1. The result runs until both s1 and s2 have ended.

In the result, s1 and s2 are scaled by factors α1 and α2, respectively, so that a resulting sample is of the form

α1⋅s1(τ) + α2⋅s2(τ − t).

Samples that do not exist in s1 and s2 are treated as 0.

If omitted, t defaults to 0, α1 to .5, and α2 to .5.

s1 and s2 must have the same bit depth and sample frequency.


l ≔ SineTone(100, 0.5, 1); h ≔ SineTone(400, 0.5, 1); superpose(l, h)

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