Algosim documentation: functions


Returns a list of all kernel (built-in) function names.



functions() returns a list of all kernel function names. Hence, each element is a string, not a kernel function object. This is because then all function synonyms (kernel functions with different names) are shown. To obtain the actual kernel function given its name, use the function function.


#RemoveDuplicates(functions() @ function)
WordWrap(join(filter(functions(), (f ↦ contains(categories(f), "pixmaps"))))) \ 10000
AddBorder, AdjustHSV, AdjustRGB, AlphaDrawRect, AutoCrop, AutoCropRect,
AverageColor, binarize, BlendModes, BoxBlur, color, ColorCount, ColorFreqs,
ColorGradient, CombineChannels, ComponentHighlight, ComputePixmap,
ConvolutionKernel, convolve, CreatePixmap, CustomScanlineRotation, darken,
DissolveToColorRegularly, DissolveToColorStochastically, DistortColor,
DistortMetric, DrawDisk, DrawDisks, DrawLine, DrawLines, DrawRect, DrawSquare,
DrawSquares, EdgeDetect, emboss, ExpandCanvas, ExtendBorder, ExtractChannel,
FadeToColor, FillRect, FixHue, flip, FloodFill, GaussianBlur, GetHSL, GetHSV,
GetRect, GetRGB, height, HexColorCode, hsl, hsv, InvertColor, InvertLightness,
InvertValue, IsCol, IsDark, IsGreyscale, IsOnlyBackground, IsRow, IsSquare,
LinearTransformation, MotionBlur, NamedColors, noise, pixelate, polygon,
RandomColor, RandomScanlineRotation, rgb, ripple, rot180, rot90n, rot90p,
rotate, scale, ScanlineRotation, shear, ShiftHue, shuffle, size, SkewRotation,
stretch, tiles, ToGreyscale, ToMonochromatic, transformation, voronoi, whiten,
width, wind

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