Algosim documentation: The history of Algosim

The history of Algosim

Algosim is the name used for three mathematical software applications developed by Andreas Rejbrand.

In 2005, as a school project, he developed the first version of Algosim. The software was written in less than two weeks, and was obviously not very advanced.

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In 2010, he developed a completely new mathematical software with almost the same name: AlgoSim II. This was a much more advanced piece of software, but it manifested a few poor design choices and had a suboptimal implementation.

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Then in 2015 he realised he could do much butter and decided to write a new version of Algosim from scratch. This would become Algosim 3. After the traumatic events in medical school, he started to live almost entirely in a restaurant for a few years. During this time, very little progress on Algosim 3 was made. However, his health improved in 2020 which made it possible for him to finish the product.

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