Algosim documentation: SelfTest


Initiates Algosim’s self-test program or a particular diagnostics program.



SelfTest() starts a new process which will execute Algosim’s self-test program.

There is usually no need to run this function; it will not detect an issue not present at compile-time. However, a few of the almost 500 000 tests involve timings and stochastic processes that may cause a test to fail (due to poor system performance or bad luck).

In addition, a few of the tests attempts to access Windows GUI functions; these may fail if the workstation is locked.

Finally, please note that sounds may be played during the execution of the program, especially in the chapter testing MIDI functions.

SelfTest(s) starts a new process with the diagnostics program named s. Currently, only “graphics” is recognised.



Algosim kernel 0.1.0

Total:             494 558
Performed:         494 558
Failed:                  0
Elapsed time:      357.7 s


CHAPTER 1: Literals, output formatting, member access by value

CHAPTER 2: Syntax and operators

CHAPTER 3: Variables, L-values, indices, assignment

CHAPTER 4: Basic mathematical functions

CHAPTER 5: Vectors and matrices

CHAPTER 6: Linear algebra

CHAPTER 7: String functions

CHAPTER 8: Date and time functions

CHAPTER 9: Container functions

CHAPTER 10: Typecasts

CHAPTER 11: System functions

CHAPTER 12: Control flow

CHAPTER 13: Sounds

CHAPTER 14: Import and export

CHAPTER 15: Pixmaps

CHAPTER 16: MIDI functions

CHAPTER 17: Digits and number formatting

CHAPTER 18: File system functions

Elapsed time: 357.740 s
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