Algosim documentation: Keyboard input

Keyboard input

Algosim uses many characters not found on a typical keyboard. To insert these, four methods are available:


To insert Press
❨❩ Shift+Ctrl+E
{} Shift+Ctrl+S
'() Shift+Ctrl+L
⌈⌉ Shift+Ctrl+C
⌊⌋ Shift+Ctrl+F
¬ Shift+Ctrl+N

Sequential keys

The * key on the keyboard can be used to insert both * and . Pressing the key once inserts the dot operator used for multiplication. Pressing the key a second time replaces this character with the asterisk * used for complex conjugation and matrix conjugate transpose.

Similarly, the − key on the keyboard can be used to insert both the hyphen-minus (-) and the mathematical minus sign (). Pressing the key once inserts the hyphen-minus and pressing the key again replaces this with the mathematical minus sign.

Multi-input dialogs

If you have inserted a bullet-, multiplication- or asterisk-like character, you can press F9 to display a list of related characters:

Image 1

Use the keyboard or the mouse to select the desired character.

There are similar dialogs for dash-like characters:

Image 2

And for quotation marks:

Image 3

Character codes

The front end also allows you to enter characters using character codes. To insert a character this way, type its code followed by a whitespace or punctuation character. For instance,

To insert Type
∧︎ \and
∪︎ \union
⊂︎ \subset
∈︎ \in
α \alpha
Ω \Omega
√︎ \sqrt
∫︎ \int
∑︎ \sum
°︎ \deg

In total, there are 380 codes available.

See List of character codes for a complete list.

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