Algosim documentation: FileExt


Extracts the file extension from a file name (fully qualified or not).



If s is a file name, fully qualified or not, then FileExt(s) returns the file extension of the file name, if there is one. If so, the result includes the leading full stop character. If not, the empty string is returned.


WordWrap(join(sort(unique(FileList("C:\WINDOWS\System32") @ FileExt))))
.acm, .ax, .bpl, .cat, .CHS, .CHT, .cmd, .com, .cpl, .cpx, .DAT, .dat, .DLL,
.dLL, .dll, .drv, .dtd, .EXE, .exe, .h, .ico, .iec, .IME, .ime, .inf, .INI,
.jdbg, .jpn, .json, .kor, .lex, .log, .mlp, .mof, .MSC, .msc, .nfo, .NLS, .nls,
.OCX, .ocx, .OLB, .rat, .rll, .rs, .rsp, .rtf, .scr, .sdi, .sep, .sys, .tbl,
.THA, .tlb, .tsp, .uce, .vbs, .xml, .xsl

Note: In theory, this is more performant:

WordWrap(join(RemoveAdjacentDuplicates(sort(FileList("C:\WINDOWS\System32") @ FileExt))))
first(SortBy(frequencies(FileList("C:\WINDOWS\System32") @ FileExt), (x ↦ −x[2])), 10)
(.dll, 1642)
(.exe, 287)
(.DLL, 225)
(.NLS, 112)
(.bpl, 40)
(.jdbg, 26)
(.cpl, 20)
(.ax, 19)
(.rs, 15)
(.log, 14)

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